Brasilia hosts the 7th Daisy March: A historic gathering of over 100,000 women in search of justice and equality

Brasilia, August 15 and 16, 2023 - In an impressive gathering, over 100,000 women from all over Brazil and beyond converged on Brasilia to take part in the 7th Daisy March. The march, the largest collective action of women workers in Latin America, provided a platform for rural women to demand their rights and advocate for agro-ecology, education, and the right to land and water.

The route, completed with enthusiasm and determination, covered a distance of 6 kilometers, inspired by the figure of Margarita Maria Alves. This trade unionist from the state of Paraíba had been assassinated in 1983 by a hitman acting on the orders of the region's large landowners. The Daisy March, coordinated by the National Confederation of Agricultural Workers (CONTAG), brought together 27 state federations and over 400 affiliated unions, as well as numerous feminist movements, central trade unions and international organizations. After a period marked by the rollback of women's rights, family farming and the environment under the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro, the March's slogan looked to the future: "For the reconstruction of Brazil and good living". Following the presentation of an agenda of proposals to the Brazilian government led by Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, participants in the march received concrete commitments, including the introduction of tools to combat violence, the relaunch of agrarian reform, measures to encourage women to enter the agricultural sector, and encouragement for agroecology to produce healthy food that preserves the environment.

Once again, the Daisy March was a huge success, demonstrating the vitality of the mobilization in favor of women and family farming in Brazil, and laying the foundations for a promising future for women's rights and environmental protection in the country, provided the political responses are up to scratch.

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