General launch webinar

We opened the Forum of Struggles for Land and natural resources with a webinar on Thursday 6 May, with about 100 participants.

Here is the full recording of this videoconference. It is in French (except for the interventions of Edurne Caballero, CERAI, which are in Spanish). The interventions of the panellists can also be viewed in other languages by clicking on 'subtitles/closed captions' in the video and choosing a language.

In anticipation of the first thematic discussion, the date of which will be communicated shortly, exchanges are already open in reaction to the presentations made by the organisers during this webinar.


Below are excerpts from the webinar. The videos are in French. They can also be viewed in other languages by clicking on 'subtitles/closed captions' in the video and choosing a language.

We invite you to discuss them with us: ask your questions and debate them in the comment area at the bottom of this page.

General presentation of the Forum by Edurne Cabbalero (CERAI) and Mathieu Perdriault (AGTER)

Speech by Massa Koné, Spokesperson of the Malian Coalition against Land Grabbing (CMAT) and the Global Convergence of Struggles for Land, Water and Peasant Seeds in West Africa

Speech by Mamy Rakotondrainibe, President of the Collectif Tany pour la défense des terres malgaches

Speech by Alberto Broch, Vice President and Secretary for International Relations of CONTAG

Aichata Koné, Head of Communications of the Malian Convergence against Land Grabbing

Speech by Brahima Traoré, in charge of land tenure at the National Coordination of Peasant Organisations of Mali (CNOP) and member of ROPPA.

Speech by Fanny Métrat, Confédération paysanne.

Speech by Ramesh Sharma, National Coordinator of Ekta Parishad (read by Gyan Kothari, Research Associate)

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Christophe Golay
Christophe Golay
18 May 2021 13:33

Dear everyone, it was a pleasure to listen to all of you in the general launch webinar! On 6-10 September 2021, the Geneva Academy where I am based will organize a training on the United Nations Declaration on the rights of peasants and other people working in rural areas (UNDROP). You will find more information about the training on the Geneva Academy website. Here are some publications on the right to land and UNDROP that might be interesting for you: The Right to Land and UNDROP (in 3 languages) The Right to Land and Other Natural Resources (in English) The ImplementationRead more "

Christian Castellanet
17 May 2021 17:07

Hello everyone, feel free to comment on this webinar!