Organization of the forum

Over a period of one year from May 2021, the exchanges are organised around five main themes. They will be dealt with successively over a period of approximately one month each.

These five themes are:

  • Access to land for women and youth
  • The landless and the commons
  • Community governance of land
  • Agrarian reform
  • Local struggles and the construction of effective regulations at the supranational level

The online discussions, open to all after registering to the forum, are intended to mutually strengthen our struggles, establish common political and legal proposals and expand citizen actions. They will be carried out without language barriers, with the help of translation assistance.

Participants can express themselves through written messages and audio and video recordings. Contributions to the debate can also take the form of longer documents (by sending attachments and hyperlinks to experience reports/case studies, interviews, audio or video documentaries...

Each thematic workshop will be initiated by a "round table" webinar where organisations from the five continents will present their experiences and questions for action.

The forum organizers will produce weekly summaries of "debate milestones" throughout each project, and a thematic summary at the end. These documents will be presented to the participants and modified according to their opinions before being communicated to the general public.

The organisation of each thematic discussion is the responsibility of one organisation in particular:

The CGLTE-OA will focus on women and youth access to land, Ekta Parishad on landlessness and the commons, ROPPA on community governance of land, CONTAG/COPROFAM on agrarian reform and ECVC with the Peasant Confederation on local struggles and the construction of effective regulations at the supranational level.

Opening of the forum

The forum was opened on 6 May in a webinar with all the organisations present. They explained the precise reasons for this action. The webinar can be viewed on this page.

Pooling of works

At the end of this first series of five thematic discussions, a general summary webinar will be held to take stock of the exchanges and to exchange on the follow-up to be given in terms of action, mobilization and new exchanges.

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