The Struggles for Land Podcast

The Struggles for Land Podcast gives a voice to those fighting for access to land and defending the commons.

Focusing on one major theme per episode, the podcast interviews and brings together farmers' organizations, social movements, environmental protection and the defense of the commons, as well as researchers and consumer associations. These exchanges between actors from the four corners of the globe enable us to better understand the local and international stakes, the successes and the difficulties of these mobilizations, which all have in common that they are working towards a society based on peasant and feminist agriculture in harmony with ecosystems.

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Season 1

- Episode 1

This first episode of the Struggles for Land Podcast is devoted to the phenomenon of land grabbing, the taking of land by companies or states to the detriment of communities and society as a whole.

This first episode gathers three testimonies to better understand this phenomenon and its dramatic consequences. It begins with an interview with Mamy Rakotondrainibe from the TANY collective, a group of people fighting against land grabbing in Madagascar. In particular, she helped us understand the historical origins of the land grabs suffered by the Malagasy population.

In the second part, we were fortunate enough to hear the testimony of Ange-David Baimey, head of the Africa program at GRAIN, an NGO that records and analyzes cases of land grabbing and provides concrete support to victim populations. He gave us an idea of the scale of land grabbing, particularly in Africa.

Finally, we welcomed Mathieu Perdriault, coordinator of AGTER, a French association that leads a global network of reflection and proposals on improving the governance of land and natural resources, which initiated FMAT 2016 and is now facilitating, with CERAI, the FLT process. His talk gave us an insight into the workings of more insidious forms of land grabbing, such as financialization and land concentration.

We hope you enjoy listening to this podcast and learn more about this major issue.

- Episode 2

Released on June 27.

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