FLT thematic discussions

In 2021, the FLT launched its first cycle of online exchanges. Four thematic discussions were organized. These various debates took place in webinars (2 to 4 per thematic discussion) and on the forum's website, which has a dedicated area with automatic translation accessible to all.

You can find replays of each of them in 4 languages each (English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) on the FLT website:

The landless and the future of the commons

June - August 2021

Main co-organizer : Ekta Parishad

Women and youth access to land

November - December 2021

Main co-organizer : CGLTE-OA

Land struggles: from grassroots mobilization to legal victories

April 2022

Main co-organizers: ECVC and Confédération paysanne

Occupation of territories by foreign companies: impacts on local populations

February-March 2023 

Main co-organizer : CONTAG