An FLT delegation attended the 51st session of the Committee on World Food Security in Rome.

A delegation from the Forum des Luttes pour la Terre took part in the 51st session of the FAO's Committee on World Food Security in Rome. ROPPA, Ekta Parishad, COPROFAM, CERAI and AGTER were represented to make the voice of peasant organizations heard.

The Committee on World Food Security (CFS)

The CFS was created in 1974 as the leading intergovernmental and international platform for working together to eliminate hunger and ensure food security and nutrition for all. It issues policy recommendations on issues affecting food security and nutrition, and provides a forum for dialogue between the actors involved (government, NGOs, private sector, research institutes, international financial institutions and United Nations organizations).


Created in 1945, the FAO is the United Nations agency dedicated to the elimination of hunger, food insecurity and malnutrition. Today, the FAO's priorities include building more productive and sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries, as well as reducing rural poverty. 

The FLT was co-organizer of two Side-Events, during which it defended peasant agriculture, demonstrated the importance of struggles for political power and presented the Rencontre Mondiale des Luttes pour la Terre. 

During Side-Event #30 "Just transition or green grab? Land-intensive climate action and the protection of sustainable food systems for indigenous peoples and local communities" Fanny Métrat, a farmer, member of the Confédération Paysanne and member of the FLT Steering Committee, denounced the financialization of nature and the carbon and biodiversity markets with their offsetting systems, which enable the most polluting companies to continue to pollute with a clear conscience, and reaffirmed that a sustainable solution to social and environmental challenges will necessarily involve livestock farming and peasant agriculture.

On the occasion of Side Event #33 "Land security for all: Arguments for local and global action to advance implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines on Responsible Governance of Tenure of Land, Fisheries and Forests in the context of national food security", Ramesh Sharma, National Coordinator of Ekta Parishad and member of the FLT Steering Committee, pointed to a structural and institutional failure to recognize the landless poor and small farmers, calling for a legal framework to be developed by 2028 (MDG 5) and enabling half the world to strengthen family farming, which is the key to ending inequality and hunger. He further stressed the importance of strengthening family farming, which is essential to counter the local impacts of the climate crisis, and encouraged the ministerial meeting to discuss and agree on a new framework and commitment to address the issue of generational justice for millions of landless poor and marginal farmers.

Throughout the many discussions held by its delegation at Side Events and bilateral meetings, the Forum des Luttes pour la Terre took the opportunity of its participation in the CFS to reaffirm the need to continue the fight against land grabbing, and to reiterate the urgency of explicitly favoring agro-ecology and family and peasant farming over capitalist agriculture. We need to go further than the Voluntary Guidelines, implement binding measures and resolutely favor peasant farming.

You can watch the FLT representatives' speeches here.

Fanny Metrat - Confédération paysanne - Side Event 30 :

Ramesh Sharma - Ekta Parishad - Side Event 33 :

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