Around 200 farmers invaded and blocked the Lactalis group's head office in Laval for several hours. This is the first time the group's head office has been occupied by a farmers' union. The Confédération Paysanne is denouncing a lacto-cide and demanding a meeting with the three sole shareholders of Lactalis, namely CEO Emmanuel Besnier, his brother and his sister, to demand :

  • an immediate review of dairy contracts,
  • a ban on transactions below cost price for milk.

Lactalis is France's leading food company and the world's leading cheese maker, and its CEO is France's 6th richest man. This discreet multinational exerts colossal pressure on small-scale producers. Benefiting from a virtual monopoly, farmers are forced to sell at a loss, entering a spiral of despair from which some never escape. The "ogre" Lactalis' CV: pollution of multiple rivers, health scandals, concealment of information, large-scale tax evasion, whistleblower hunting, monopolization of entire villages...

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