The CGLTE OA will organize the next World Social Forum

The Convergence Globale des Luttes pour la Terre et l'Eau Ouest Africaine (CGLTE-OA), mobilized in Nepal for the World Social Forum 2024. At the end of the meeting of the International Council of the Mondia Social Forum, it obtained the organization of the next Forum in 2026.

This next forum in Africa will be an opportunity to unite social movements from the continent and elsewhere around a variety of issues, including climate change, insecurity in the Sahel, land grabbing and the plundering of natural resources, the situation of women in the informal sector, renewable energies, the environment, agriculture, the feminist struggle, political education, migration, etc.

In addition, a World Social Forum in West Africa will help to revive national and regional social dynamics that have seen significant political success in the past, such as the Economic Partnership Agreements (EPAs).

This relaunch will raise the profile of the alter-globalization movement and further entrench it in West Africa, and by extension, across the continent.

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