Open letter - UN Food Systems Summit

The Confédération paysanne and 83 other signatories call on France to resist the pressures of multinationals and save peasant agriculture.

An International Summit on Food Systems will take place in September 2021, organised by the UN* in close partnership with the World Economic Forum. In a few days' time, the pre-summit of this initiative will be held in Rome. Despite the concerns and remarks expressed by a large part of civil society, by many actors in the academic world, but also by certain States, this summit and this pre-summit are characterised by a blatant lack of inclusiveness and a refusal to engage in any dialogue on the organisational arrangements. The first orientations taken make us fear the worst.

The signatories' demand is clear: to ask "France to withdraw its political support for this UN summit on Food Systems and to build, within the FAO and the Committee on World Food Security (CFS), with the many States that are in favour of it, the conditions for a true peasant agroecology".

The letter:
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