Second Webinar: Stories of Field Struggles

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This second webinar took place on Thursday 15 July. You can find the replay on this page. As well as the various subtitled presentations.

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Webinar replay

The panelists invited by Ekta Parishad for this webinar are

- Miloon Kothari (India) Former UN rapporteur on decent housing) Moderator

- Tillah Mardha (Indonesia) (The Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment)

- Harimanga Abel Randrianarivo (Madagascar) (FIANTSO)

- Leiria Vay (Guatemala) (Comite de Desarrollo Campesino CODECA)

- Juan José Valdivia (Spain ) (SOC-SAT) 

Introduction to the Webinar

Intervention by Miloon Kothari (Former UN Rapporteur on Decent Housing)

Presentation by Tillah Mardha (The Indonesian Institute for Forest and Environment)

Intervention by Leiria Vay (Comite de Desarrollo Campesino CODECA)

Intervention by Narisoa Ranaivoson (NGO Fiantso)

Speech by Juan José Valdivia (SOC-SAT)

Question & Answer session

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Ekta Parishad is a mass-based peoples' movement for land rights with an active membership of 250,000 landless people and is regarded as one of the biggest people’s movement in India with an iconic status globally. Ekta Parishad is known for several milestone successes including securing land rights to nearly 500,000 families, creating grassroots leadership of more than 10,000 people, protecting forest and water bodies, and framing several laws and policies related to the land reforms in India. Ekta Parishad is famous for the scale of its social mobilisations, with its latest mobilisation in 2018 drawing 25000 landless people from all over India.